When talking about some of the most interesting places on the world to visit, many people do not even think about Alaska, a cold, frigid place. People just see Alaska as a boring place full of trees and animals, but when taking a closer look into Alaska, there are many interesting things to do there. … More Alaska


Before this post, I never realized that a small country like Nicaragua could be so interesting and fun to visit. Nicaragua is 50 km ¬†wide and is even smaller than New York. Maybe its because of its small population of around 6 million people or maybe because it is located between two very popular Central … More Nicaragua


North of America’s border, Canada is located in North America. Canada has 10 provinces and its capital is Ottawa. Canada was founded after the British Parliament created the British North America Act in 1876. In July 1, 1876 Canada was born. Canada’s prime minister is Justin Trudeau¬†and their queen is Queen Elizabeth II. Canada has … More Canada


France was founded in the 13th century and is located in the north western region of Europe. Its capitol is Paris one of the most famous cities in the entire world. Like most European countries, the form of currency in France is euros. One euro is equal to about 1.6 U.S. dollar. France has a … More France

The United Kingdom

The United Kingdom consist of England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Island. The United Kingdom has been around since 1707 and it has a lot of history to it. The current queen in the United Kingdom, is Queen Elizabeth II and the prime minister is Theresa May. In the United England the form of currency is … More The United Kingdom

Grand Canyon

Before I came to the Grand Canyon, I always thought of it as just a pile of rocks and mountains that would not be very fun seeming. I never thought of it as this amazing place where you have to see to believe. I have always heard about the Grand Canyon and how beautiful its … More Grand Canyon

Mountain Everest

The great Mountain Everest. A place where some admire while others fear. Many people have attempted climbing this great beast and many have failed. The amount of deaths from Mountain Everest have deter people from attempting this mountain. Since 1953, Mountain Everest has claimed the lives of 200 people. Since 1990, a t least one … More Mountain Everest