Mountain Everest

The great Mountain Everest. A place where some admire while others fear. Many people have attempted climbing this great beast and many have failed. The amount of deaths from Mountain Everest have deter people from attempting this mountain. Since 1953, Mountain Everest has claimed the lives of 200 people. Since 1990, a

Himalayan Magic Tavakkol 2/29/2012 Copyright (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)

t least one person dies every year climbing up Mountain Everest. From 1922 to 2006, the success rate was 29.44 percent. After just seeing these statistics, most people would immediately turn around and change their mind about climbing up the mountain. The rest of the people who ignore the stats will have to consider many other things. A climb up Everest typically cost around 45,000 dollars. The cost of climbing up the mountain does not cover the equipment that you would have to buy to climb up the mountain. After all of this if you still want to climb up the 29,029 feet mountain, than good luck to you.

I understand why people would not want to climb up the mountain. After all, you will have to face many other challenges climbing up the mountain. The

Frostbite Prinkey 5/03/2011 Coptyright (CC BY- NC-SA 2.0)

temperature up
the mountain is extremely cold and in the winter, it can drop to a chilling -39C. This freezing weather brings up the problem of frostbites. Frostbites are when the skin is exposed to the cold to long turning it black and hard. To prevent other complications, frostbites need to be treated quickly. Around the highest point of Everest, the oxygen level is decreased by 50%. For this reason, many people will have to bring extra oxygen to help them breathe. Not recieving the proper amount of oxygen the brain needs may lead to High Altitude Cerebral Edema or HACE. HACE can lead to confusion, fatigue, coma, and many other dangerous symptoms. When receiving HACE, you must immediately descend back to camp. Climbing up Everest can harm your body a lot. You can get sick from many different ways from low amounts of oxygen, to cold weather, to vomiting.

Now this article is not trying to tell you to not climb Mountain Everest. But if yo are still willing to climb up Mountain Everest, here are the things you will be needing. To start off you will need the help of trained experts, a lot of them. Only with the

Climbing Equipment Hunter 3/25/2012 Copyright (CC BY-NC-ND 2.

help of these trained experts and sherpas. Sherpas are a group of people who live near the top of Everest. Sherpas have been living where they live of hundreds of generations allowing their body to adapt to the environment. With the knowledge of the sherpas and the expertise of the trained climbers, you might be able to reach the summit of the mountain. You also will have to train for months before attempting the climb. Climbing up Mt Everest is not an easy task. You will have to be a good climber with great endurance. The last step to climbing up Mt Everest is buying the proper equipment. You will need equipment such as thick clothes, food, climbing shoes, oxygen tank, and many other materials. These climbing equipment will greatly increase the chance of reaching the summit.

Many people who choose to not climb up the mountain say that anything could happen while climbing up the mountain. This is very true. The weather in Mountain Everest is very unpredictable. Up in the mountain, there are many strong winds pushing against you. The weather up there could change in an instant. Going from the perfect weather to the worst thing you could

Mt. Everest Weather Johnck 5/25/2001 Copyright (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)

imagine. When the weather changes in Mt. Everest you must descend immediately. If not, your chances of survival will be very low. During the climb up Mt. Everest, anything can happen. From an avalanche to a storm, you have to be prepared for the worst. On second you could be feeling fine, then suddenly your body gives up on you and you go unconscious. At the top of the mountain, you will be very fair away from help. Although helicopter are able to fly as high as the summit of Everest, it is extremely dangerous the land. Most of the time if someone needs help, Sherpas will help them down. But most of these rescue missions are very dangerous and take a lot of manpower.

Even though there are many dangers of climbing up Mt. Everest, I always think that if you are in good physical shape, are a good climbing, and are willing to risk your life, than you should always give it a try. You could be one of the 4,000 people who have successfully scaled the mountain. Every year annually, about 1,000 people attempt to climb the mountain but around only half succeed. Imagine being one of those people who succeed. That would be amazing. You could feel so accomplished scaling the highest natural object in the world. Although when seeing that half of the people don’t succeed does not mean that they died attempting to climb. Some people just give up mid-way. The stats of the amount of deaths on the mountain is shocking to many, but the really the odds of dying while climbing the mountain are one in 61.46. Older people have a 25% chance of dying while younger folks only have a 2.2% chance of dying. After seeing those statistics, it doesn’t seem so bad to climb up Mt. Everest. So why not attempt it while you are young?

Everest-062 Olof Sundstrom & Martin Letzer 5/16/206 Copyright (CC BY-NA-SA 2.0)

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