Grand Canyon

Before I came to the Grand Canyon, I always thought of it as just a pile of rocks and mountains that would not be very fun seeming. I never thought of it as this amazing place where you have to see to believe. I have always heard about the Grand Canyon and how beautiful its sights were, but I always thought that I had seen better views throughout my life and that it was a waste of time to drive all the way to Arizona just to see some mountains. Personally I always wondered why people always talked about the Grand Canyon, so one during Christmas me and my family drove down to Arizona.

Grand Canyon, Fundenburg, 6/27/2008, Copyright (CC BY 2.0)

The first time I came to the Grand Canyon, I was amazed. There are way more things that you could do at the Grand Canyon. The scenery there was uncomparable to anywhere else in the world that I have been. There are so many activities you can do at the Grand Canyon. One of which is called the Skywalk. Standing over the cliff and looking down at the depth of the Grand Canyon was unbelievable. Most people are afraid at first, uns32757785672_c81bfb5efc_oure if the class structure would be able to hold them up. But once you are comfortable with the glass it is amazing to just absorb the scenery around you. There are also many tour guides that you can hire to take you around the national park and show you all the wonders of the Grand Canyon. You will be able to see many things that you never thought were there like rocks that look like eagles. You can also take hikes, follow trails, go explore, or if you just want to spend time doing nothing and relax, then you could spend some time at the Grand Canyon Village.

After visiting the Grand Canyon, I realized how wrong I was about the Grand Canyon. There are plenty of things to do there and the scenery is almost uncomparable to anything around the world. There are just some places around the world that you must see in person to see and feel how amazing the place is and the Grand Canyon is one of the places in the world. Although the Grand Canyon is an amazing place to visit, there are some things I would change the next time I go. The first would be the time I went. Going in December is not a good idea because it is extremely cold in the Grand Canyon. The best time to visit the Grand Canyon is around spring when the weather is mild and there is very little rain.

I have learned to try many knew things after what I have learned. I have learned that sometimes, you have to see it to believe it. And that you shouldn’t really say a place a plain and boring unless you have first experienced it yourself. The Grand Canyon is a fabulous place and I recommend you all to visit it.




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