France was founded in the 13th century and is located in the north western region of Europe. Its capitol is Paris one of the most famous cities in the entire world. Like most European countries, the form of currency in France is euros. One euro is equal to about 1.6 U.S. dollar. France has a huge population of about 66 million Image result for parispeople. When traveling to France, there are a few things you should know. First off, is to learn a little bit of French. There is nothing worse than being lost and not knowing how to find your way back to your hotel because you do not know french. Secondly, be polite. It is important to say hello and goodbye when entering and leaving stores. Lastly, the most important one, watch out of thieves. When going somewhere in a rental car, never leave your valuables in them. Also, watch out for pick pockets in crowded areas, like the train stations.

Inside France, you will find a variety of things to do either with your family or friends. One of the most famous places to visit in the world is the Eiffel Tower. The Eiffel Tower stands at a staggering 984 feet and is open for visits from 9am to 12am everyday of the week.  If you are traveling with children, then you could visit Disneyland Paris. Here there are theme park rides and pretty much everything you would find in a Disneyland theme park in America. Finally if you are just looking for a place you spend time with your friends and family, then you could visit the district of Le Marais. This historic district is filled with shops, museums, and restaurants that could easily take up your entire day. Overall, France is an amazing place with many places that could fill your day with fun.

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