Before this post, I never realized that a small country like Nicaragua could be so interesting and fun to visit. Nicaragua is 50 km  wide and is even smaller than New York. Maybe its because of its small population of around 6 million people or maybe because it is located between two very popular Central American countries Costa Rica and Image result for nicaraguaHonduras. Nicaragua capital is Managua and their current president is Daniel Ortega. Their currency exchange is one U.S. dollar to twenty nine Cordoba or one Cordoba to three to four U.S. cent. Nicaragua is about 1 to 2 hours ahead of the U.S. time.

This was until I did some research about Nicaragua and its rich history.

Now I realize that Nicaragua is an amazing place to visit. In Nicaragua, the hotel rates are extremely low because of the currency is not worth a lot compared to U.S. dollar. Most hotels in Nicaragua are around 30 dollars, but it mainly depends on the hotel you chose. For example, a very nice hotel in Nicaragua could cost around 120 dollars or 3,353 Cordoba. Flight rates from U.S. to Nicaragua are also pretty cheap which is around 400 to 800 dollars depending on the airline you choose. A place to visit in Nicaragua is the Corn Islands. There you can relax on the beaches, have massages, go swimming with the marine life, explore, and many other things. Another place you could visit in Nicaragua is the Masaya Volcano. During your trip to the Masaya Volcano, you could explore the environment, walk on the trails, or learn more on how the volcano has affected like on Nicaragua. Finally, Managua, Nicaragua’s capital, is the final interesting place that I could recommend you to visit. In Managua, you can explore the vast city, experience the amazing culture of Nicaragua, and go see historical landmarks. Image result for Corn Island

So now, I try to not judge something just because I do not know about it. Nicaragua is a great example of how you cannot judge a book by its cover. FroImage result for gallo pintom the outside, you would think Nicaragua would be a very boring small country, but it turns out to be a fabulous place to visit. Nicaragua is unlike other Central American countries. They love to play baseball, but soccer is not very popular in their country. They also have amazing food like the Gallo Pinto. It is a mix of fried rice, onions, sweet pepper, and red beans boiled with garlic. Overall, Nicaragua is a great place to visit and you will love every bit of your time there.


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