When talking about some of the most interesting places on the world to visit, many people do not even think about Alaska, a cold, frigid place. People just see Alaska as a boring place full of trees and animals, but when taking a closer look into Alaska, there are many interesting things to do there. The state Alaska is the 49th state in the United States joining the U.S. in January 3, 1959. Alaska has a rather small population for its area of 663,000 miles of land it has. Most tickets flying from California to Alaska are under 900 dollars, but it depends on where you are trying to go and what airline you decide to take. Alaska is one hour behind California time. Image result for Alaska

Like going to any new state, there are many things you should know before you travel to a new places. Alaska has a very dry climate so it is essential to bring body lotion if you are not use to it. Alaska day and night time system to very weird. During summers, the sun is up all the way till 11 at night. During the winImage result for alaska day and nightter, most of the day is dark. When going to Alaska, make sure you adjust to these weird day and night time conditions by bringing a sleeping mask or anything that could help you. Alaska is a state filled with nature and wild life, so expect to see a lot of animals. Some of these animals include muses, bears, and other wildlife. When driving on the roads make sure you are aware of what is around you because hitting on of these animals will destroy your car. Finally, the cost of things in Alaska might be a tad more expensive then the things you find in California.

In Alaska, there are many interesting things you can do to fill up your stay in Alaska.  Alaska has a number of parks and forest like the Chugach state park or the Tongass National park where you can do many things there. At the parkImage result for Alaska zoos, you will be able to see many wildlife that you would not be able to find anywhere else in the states. Alaska has a variety of hiking trails you can follow to be able to experience what it feels like to be in the wild and not around huge cities. If you do not want to go into the wild lands, you can still see many of the animals in Alaska located in their Alaska Zoo, Alaska Sea Life Center, and many other places. Overall, Alaska is a very open place. It does not have big cities and huge amount of traffic. Alaska has a lot of forest and wildlife everywhere, so go and explore new things that you might have never seen before.


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