Nevada founded in October 31, 1864 is a desert state which is known for having one of the most entertaining filled cities called Las Vegas. In Nevada one of the best places you can visit is Las Vegas. This entertaining filled city can give you the time of your life. Las Vegas is filled with … More Nevada

New York

New York is the 27th state in a the United States of America. One of the most iconic city in America is New York City in New York State. It is the highest population city in the country, a staggering population of 8.5 million people. New York city is more commonly called New York. There you will really see … More New York


The last place I have been in the world is Hawaii. Hawaii is one of the most amazing an beautiful places I have been to. At Hawaii you can visit many of its historic places like Pearl Harbor or visit the USS Arizona Memorial where you can learn more about our nation’s past. You could … More Hawaii


The second place I will be talking about is the state of Florida. While visiting Florida, you can experience the rich Latino culture that you might not experience anywhere else in the United States of America. Or you can go down to the one of the many beaches in Florida like South Beach which is … More Florida

Washington D.C.

These next two places I will be talking about in my future blog will be located in America. First, I will be talking about is Washington D.C. or out nations capital. Located in the District of Columbia, this state contains a lot of history. Washington is kinda like New York with it’s busy streets and … More Washington D.C.


One of the view places that I have been to is Vietnam. At first some people might have second thoughts about going to Vietnam maybe because it is not as clean and not as well ran. As a boy that was born and raised in Vietnam, I have gotten use to and the surrounding and … More Vietnam

About my Blog

Welcome to my blog. Hey my name is Jerry and my blog is going to be about the adventures I have taken in my life, the adventures I want to take. I have only been to a handful of places, so many of my post will be about the places that I dream to go … More About my Blog